We accompany those organizations that aim to be change actors towards the inclusion of women in decision-making positions, looking forward to reaching the business’ maximum potential and tackling motherhood as the main barrier to be addressed towards women career development.

We provide strategic and resulted-oriented support, and we commit to a solid business case and measurable and communicable results, to make woman empowerment a sustainable competitive advantage over time


Nuestros programas de mentoreo individuales, acompañan a la profesional próxima a ser madre y a su jefe directo, desde el último trimestre de embarazo hasta el primer trimestre de reintegro al trabajo, y a aquellas profesionales que ya han sido madres, y deseen o necesiten potenciar su desarrollo de carrera, o que se hayan distanciado transitoriamente del mercado, y estén reincorporándose al mismo.


Brindamos soporte a las referentes de la organización que deseen ser mentoras, y capitalizar así su experiencia en pos del desarrollo de la mentee, y el enriquecimiento mutuo.


Con nuestro formato de workshops «POTENCIANDO MATERNIDAD & PROFESIÓN» nos dirigimos a un doble target: Por un lado, las distintas profesionales próximas a ser madres de una organización . Por otro, sus jefes directos.


Es importante empezar a generar conciencia sobre la necesidad de abordar la maternidad y profesión de una manera distinta,  y sumarnos como protagonistas de un cambio que está ahí…latente…esperando salir a la luz.

Our individual Maternity Mentoring Programs, go along with the professional who is about to become a mother and her direct boss, from the last trimester of pregnancy to the first trimester of return to work, being able to adapt to a group approach.
We accompany those professionals who have already experienced motherhood and want or need to enhance their career growth, or to the ones who have temporarily been out of the market and wish to return.
We provide support to the references of the organization who wish to be mentors, to capitalize on their experience towards the mentee development and their mutual enrichment, to build with applied methodology and the support in topics and follow up tools, a successful internal mentoring program.
Working with a format targeted to future or current parents, we seek to inspire conversations towards the purpose that paternity represents to each of them, providing tools to combine career growth along with an active paternity.
We invite you to work together in those contents that resonates in your company to inspire new stories, and turning them into inclusive actions on the way to the new maternity and paternity that this moment of changes represents.
Business Case
Focus Groups & In-depth interviews to releave the internal assessment for woman inclusion, and to outline recommendations for possible lines of work.
Working committees
Assistance in the assembling and management ot the working team that will lead the action plan towards woman inclusion, to define and ensure compliance with the KPIs and milestones collectively settled, and be certain about its impact on results.
Unconsciuos Biases
Workshop on Unconscious Biases:
With a Customer Centric approach, we collaborate to become aware of those biases that limit the best business decisions, and how to manage them correctly throughout the Employee Journey.
Diversity and Inclusion in Selection Workshops:
We provide specific tools to attract and select the best talent, minimizing biases and ensuring the necessary objectivity in pursuit of maximum potential.
Training and Development
Inclusive Leadership Programs:
Aimed at the entire company, we help lay the foundations for an inclusive thinking that promotes the innovation and creativity so necessary for business sustainability, and to make gender equality a competitive advantage.
Career Development and Personal Branding Programs:
Oriented to the women of the company, we collaborate in finding and enhancing their own professional differential, and to capitalize it and put it in value in the current context and the career objective that each professional defines.
Workshops on co-responsibility:
We set topics and provide self management tools for a good balance between personal and professional life.
Talks “Women and Leadership”:
We inspire female leadership and provide evidence on how to empower it in each cultural reality.
Mentoring and ad hoc Coachings.
Diagnosis on current culture towards woman inclusion:
Because listening to those who are part of the culture of the organization, there is the richness of the air that is breathed, we work with research schemes to diagnose internal perceptions and provide work recommendations
Tracking on Diversity and Inclusion Objectives
Focus Groups & in-depth interviews to assess collaborators internal insights regarding the actions that have been implemented.
Unique Diversity Proposition
We work with Employer Branding workshops to help building the unique value proposition for each company concerning woman inclusion, and to ensure a competitive and differential positioning, that lures, promotes, and acknowledges the best talent along the Employee Journey.